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Specializing in Stakeholder Relations

Building Partnerships - Building Solutions

Experienced and proven leadership in advancing solutions to environmental challenges, particularly in water resources, climate change, and sustainability. Doug offers energetic facilitation with a strong background in conflict resolution and skillful communications. His policy expertise spans numerous disciplines related to the human and natural environment.

In today’s rapidly changing world, public agencies are called to address complex challenges with increasing urgency. With climate change and growing resource scarcity, technical and financial obstacles can be formidable. But if the essential relationships have not been built and strengthened, even the best ideas can’t move forward. Doug has the skills and experience to bring diverse parties through conflict to consensus, and build durable partnerships.

Educated at Yale and Harvard, Doug also completed a graduate program in dispute resolution at the University of Massachusetts, Boston.  


About Doug

Policy and Strategy Consultation, Process Facilitation

For 25 years, Doug was the chief environmental advocate at the East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD). During that time, he successfully advocated progressive programs and policy initiatives, most often involving complex stakeholder interactions. He was previously a consultant in dispute resolution in public and private cases, and a Massachusetts state official in hazardous waste regulation.